Pre School

At around 3 years of age the children move up to our pre school. There they will continue to benefit widely from learning through play but with a more structured day involving planned and child led activities that continue to develop their individual needs.

Each child within Pre-school is given a peg, drawer, shoe box and an achievement file. Each of the above is labelled with the child's name and a picture to encourage the child to recognise their own equipment. Each child is also supplied with a writing pencil, this too is labelled with their name.

Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School

When taking part in activities whether planned or spontaneous the children are encouraged to develop strong independence skills, whilst at the same time caring for others. The children develop confidence in selecting their own equipment and materials for the task at hand, and of course once finished putting it all away for the next time.

The pre-school routine is displayed just outside the pre-school door; each day has two specific sessions for the pre school curriculum. The times are as follows 9.00am-2.00pm and 1.30 -4.00pm. It is essential that your child arrives at the beginning of the session rather than in the middle as this develops a secure routine for each child. It can also become a little disruptive if the children arrive halfway through the session.

Each day starts with a visit to the cloakroom to hang up their coat and put on their indoor shoes, then off to the book corner for circle time. This time also includes a chat about the theme and fun we will embark on through the day. The children will also spend time sharing experiences and items brought in from home. 

Through your child's busy and fun time within pre-school the practitioners are carrying out various observations to record each child's progress. All observations are placed in your child's achievement file.

The children are encouraged to become secure and confident within their environment. The room layout enables the children to choose their own activities to play with whenever they wish. The room is set out into different areas;

  • Book Corner
  • Imaginative corner/cosy corner
  • Writing area
  • ICT Area
  • Exploration and Investigation
  • Problem solving and numeracy
  • Small world area

Alongside the above we set up planned activities one of which has the practitioners main focus for that session. This specific activity is set up to develop a specific learning intention and all children will be encouraged to join in, but only if they wish.

Part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is that all children have access to the outdoor learning environment at all times. Here at Little Bears the pre school children can safely "free flow" from their indoor area to the outdoor area at their choice.

The outdoor area is a mirror image of our indoor learning environment, the children can make choices with all the equipment, they have access to writing material, problem solving, and exploration and Investigation as well as creative, sand and water etc.

Our allotment is one of the areas that our pre school children are fully involved in, they sow and tend their crops throughout the year and enjoy their produce. As well as this they have special visits from the local police, fire officers, health visitors and dentists, all these people come in and talk to the children on a regular basis.


Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School

A small nursery and pre-school with a BIG welcome, where every child matters

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