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Our gardens are separated by age group offering them the most appropriate age related and individual developmental opportunity in all areas of play and learning.

Our outdoor area and garden is a particular feature of the nursery & pre-school with an exceptionally large play and outdoor learning area, offering your child plenty of space of explore, play and learn. It is very well equipped for all age groups and totally secure all around.

Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School

The children can enjoy a large physical barked play area that is equipped with resources such as slides and frames for the children to develop their gross motor skills and a homely wooden house equipped with resources to develop the imaginative mind. These resources are just to name a few!

Our children also have an allotment with which they are very proud and it is one of the areas that our pre-school children are fully involved in. They sow and tend their crops throughout the year and enjoy their produce. It also serves as a sensory area allowing children to also explore with texture and smell. Children also have various areas for planting flowers and herbs and they love to see their plants flourish and they use their herbs in cooking activities.

Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School

There are, in addition, two lawned areas one is specifically for babies and toddlers under the age of 18 months that provides a perfect soft play environment with appropriate age related equipment. The other lawn is ideal for picnics and early years team activities.

We also have two large patios for the children to ride on their bikes and trikes and a large all weather canopy for continuous play and development.

The garden is surrounded by large leafy mature trees that attracts wildlife such as squirrels and birds that the children supply with seed throughout the year.

If you would like to view the nursery then please contact us on 01908 232832 or email us at childcare@littlebears.org.uk

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